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50 Traditional Neck Tattoos For Men

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Neck tattoos are truly unique, as they cannot be concealed even with clothes on. Whether this is a deterrent or attraction, there’s no denying the eye-catching allure of a neck tattoo.

Traditional neck tattoos have been worn by warriors, tribesmen, and sailors for centuries, each carrying their own meaning and correlation.

For some the markings were intended to protect and announce one’s courage and ferocity, while others acted as charms against misfortune. For many, a neck tattoo acted as an inscription of love for one’s family or partner, a prayer for their safety and well-being in times of separation.

Today neck tattoos can carry all or none of these messages; truly it is up to the individual to decide what message he wishes to impart. Tribal symbols, historical crests, and religious iconology are just a few of the traditional neck tattoo designs opted for, with additional banners bearing prayers and the names of beloved ones also a popular and meaningful choice.

Designs can be as simple or complex as the wearer wishes, encircling the whole of the neck or merely standing out from a small, secretive spot. No matter the message, there’s no hiding a neck tattoo, so make sure your meaning is proud and clear.

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