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50 Turbo Tattoos For Men

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The high-performance sports car owes its real success to the turbocharger, and the auto enthusiast who tattoos the turbocharger onto his flesh knows this better than anyone else.

A turbocharger not only boosts an engine’s horsepower, but adds minimal weight and bulk, which means maximum mileage and speed.

Increasing power output and withstanding even the most extreme operating conditions is what the turbocharger is all about–and a perfect metaphor for the man who inks it in tattoo homage. Just as a turbocharged engine produces more power, the man who appreciates the machine likely lives in a similar fashion. In bold black and white strokes or metallic color, the turbocharger tattoo is more than just the mark of a sports car fan, it’s an official introduction of character.

Man and his automobile are one and the same at heart; speed, freedom, and the force to go all the way are not mutually exclusive to either. A turbocharger tattoo lets the world know you move fast, that what slows you down will surely be discarded and left in your wake.

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