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50 Unique Chest Tattoos For Men

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Although tattoos cross gender lines on all levels, nothing grunts masculinity more than a chest tattoo. When the sternum area is left bare, this spot elicits a unique sensation that most claim is relativity lower in pain to ink.

One unique way to be a true fan and also express yourself is to have the symbol of an object, hero or personal passion in life that you most relate to tattooed on your chest.

In other words, something that truly represents your core values. Even if it’s say, a superhero like Captain America. A star would symbolize patriotism and good-heartedness, while the Iron Man symbol would signify wealth, intelligence and a snarky disposition.

Of course, you could opt for the animal route as well. One that comes to mind includes the owl or the classic and timeless sparrow bird. Many winged animals make great chest tattoos because of their symmetry and scope. However the flying owl tattoo holds special meaning not just in regard to wisdom, but also its ancient relation to the guardianship of the underworlds and the protector of the dead. The owl is thought to be the seer of souls in many cultures but not as predominantly as the bat.

One of the more interesting animals you might consider would include the bat. The shape of the bat tattoo is perfect for the chest. It symbolizes intuition, objectivity, and journeying through the darkness. As bats use other senses to “see,” it can also mean that you see the truth in a deeper way. It can also insinuate a blindness to petty things.

Regardless of what you choose, even if it’s just a completely off the wall, abstract watercolor design, the chest remains the perfect place for any form of honorable ink. In this collection of the top and best unique chest tattoos for men below you’ll find plenty of inspiration and design ideas to get creative with.

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