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50 UZI Tattoos For Men

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The UZI submachine gun was born following WWII, and was one of the first automatic weapons to feature a telescopic bolt design that allowed for a shorter model thanks to the pistol-grip location of the magazine.

Officially deemed standard issue by the IDF special forces in 1956, the UZI has enjoyed a legacy lent to everyone from frontline infantry assault forces to rear-echelon troops, and is a mainstay among artillery specialists and tankers alike.

The UZI’s instantly recognizable design awards it equally instant recognition among tattoo enthusiasts, and fans of the firearm will no doubt admire your inked nod to an iconic piece of weaponry and art. While the UZI isn’t manufactured as much anymore in the US, it’s legacy has been cemented by devoted admirers, collectors, and even creative visionaries. Michael Tompsett’s ‘UZI Sub Machine Gun on Purple,’ with its stacking of three highly stylized UZIs tiered atop one another in contrasting angles and colors, has become both an iconic statement and instant inspiration for the UZI tattoo seeker.

Your UZI tattoo speaks of the genius that, like it or not, goes into superior weapon crafting. The perfect meeting of compact size and incomparable force, the UZI submachine gun speaks of your own unwavering devotion to only the best and deadliest.

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