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50 Wu Tang Tattoos For Men

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Versatility is the most important feature of certain symbols, especially in the tattooing industry. An iconic symbol does not necessarily make it a fantastic one to permanently mark your skin with, after all.

The Wu Tang Clan symbol, however, is so versatile that it has been transformed into a plethora of tattoos types, including animated owls, beehives, and retransformed into the Batman symbol.

The Wu Tang Clan itself has not only produced amazing music that has shaped the rap and hip hop industries but they have influenced pop culture with lingo, clothing, and a general attitude necessary to make it through life. Because of this reality, their symbol is among the most popular tattoos of all time.

Though it is placed in the “W” position to illustrate the entire group, the artistic letter is able to be repositioned to new letters, including a “G” for GZA, an “M” or “K” for Masta Killa, a “U” for U-God, an “M” for Method Man, and an “E” for Inspectah Deck.

Whether you desire to honor your favorite member of the group or transform the recognizable letter into something far more unique, this common art is definitely what you should consider.

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