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60 Athena Tattoos For Men

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Athena stands apart from her fellow gods and goddesses, plain and simple.

Beholden to no man or woman, she is the wild huntress of war and wisdom, and was the frequent patroness of warriors and philosophers, as well as those who chose to break away and forge their own treacherous routes in life.

A goddess Athena tattoo is not for the faint of heart, but the man who looks to a higher Olympian power to guide him on the road ahead. Her likeness is a prayer unto itself, a call to arms, for once she has been inscribed onto the flesh she is your guardian for life.

There are many ways to render this sacred goddess, from traditional Grecian styles found in ancient excavated art and statuary to more modern renditions. In classic black and white or bold color, Athena, like the wearer himself, is a force to be reckoned with. As the goddess is frequently depicted in battle or on the hunt, the bicep, forearm, or shoulder is ideal for sporting the goddess who lead the charge.

Throughout mythology and in the days of ancient invasions and epic feats, Athena was a symbol of endurance and wisdom, guiding men into battle and adversity with a strong arm and sound mind. She is a reminder that strength without intelligence is a war already lost, and is sure to lead the wearer of her tattoo likeness with nary a wrong step.

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