Tattoos For Men: 60 Back Of Arm Tattoos For Men

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60 Back Of Arm Tattoos For Men

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Among tattoo aficionados, it is widely known that the soft, vulnerable skin on the back of the arm can be a painful spot to have tattooed. There are even those who will get armband tattoos, only to have them stop just at the back of the arm.

If a gentleman can brave the pain, they can enjoy the arm almost limitless possibilities that the a can provide as far as tattoo styles and shapes.

The arm’s back creates a very smooth, vertical surface that the front of the arm lacks, leaving open the possibility of creating designs with strong geometric shapes and defined lines.

Visibility of tattoos here can also add to their allure. Instead of the obviousness of any tattoo on or around other parts of the arm, the rear side of the arm may not be immediately visible when people first meet. This adds a level of intrigue to the wearer. The upper arm’s back can also be easily covered by a long sleeve shirt, making them a reasonable choice for wears in professional positions.

The localized arm tattoo can also serve as the seeding for a larger full arm design. While certainly not a low commitment, the back of the arm design may serve as the antitheses for a grander ambition. Even if not fully realized, this first step can still stand alone.

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