Tattoos For Men: 60 Badass Skull Tattoos For Men

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60 Badass Skull Tattoos For Men

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Often seen as a mark of the macabre, the skull is one of the few tattoo ideas that have never gone out of style. What better way to show off your gallant attitude than by boasting body art of a badass skull or two?

Naturally, tattoos are meant to tell a story, to explore the depths of one’s personality for all of the world to see.

A skull is the perfect visual tale. The art can mean different things to different people. Symbolism behind skulls has changed over the years. Even so, whatever it means to you, there is freedom for you to get ridiculously creative with the tattoo. The end results will be something out of this world.

Think about pairing up your skull with other dominant, cool symbols. A skilled artist can construct elaborate, detailed works of art from black and gray portraits to colorful abstract designs.

Go beyond the traditional look of skull tattoos. Enlarge them as a full sleeve piece or back piece. Depict them with some truly badass themes like flames, a unique take on the Grim Reaper himself, or something 3D to make it truly pop. Blending in some badass animals like snakes and crows always work too. Some great tattoos out there also add them alongside portraits of a living person. It makes the ultimate motif of the constant battle between life and death.

Embellish your body with skull art, the utmost sign of “badassery,” and people are certain to gawk in awe.

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