Tattoos For Men: 60 Brooklyn Bridge Tattoos For Men

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60 Brooklyn Bridge Tattoos For Men

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There is nothing more indicative of where you come from and where you’ve been than a prominent image of a hometown landmark. As landmarks go, there are few as instantly recognizable and more respected than the awe-inspiring feat of human ability that is the Brooklyn Bridge.

When it comes to fiercely loyal locals, Brooklynites take the top prize.

Both humbled by their roots and admirably proud of where they came from, to people from Brooklyn and even local transplants, the Brooklyn Bridge carries significant meaning, both personal and overt.

Its impressive stature and landmark status combine with the typical meanings of bridge tattoos to create something unique to those who bear this imagery on their skin. A bridge of any kind is used to cross a physical obstacle or barrier, often a dangerous one such as a river or busy road. This tattoo can show that you have crossed your own obstacles and come out the other side, unscathed.

Often, tattoos of the Brooklyn Bridge are accompanied by a skyline. The difference between choosing a Manhattan skyline or that of Brooklyn speaks volumes about a person. It can show where they’ve been and where they’re going, their hopes and dreams intertwined with childhood nostalgia.

These Brooklyn Bridge tattoos are meaningful, beautiful and instantly stir up memories in anyone who has gazed upon that wonder of modern engineering and tribute to the triumph of human spirit.

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