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60 Cool Tree Tattoos For Men

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The roots of the tree run deep–in life, in history, and in art. A symbol of ancient wisdom, nurturing, and the branches that connect us all, the tree has long been revered as nature’s most sacred living monument.

It’s no small wonder that tattoo artists and enthusiasts have taken notice, resulting in some of the most stunning ink renditions to date.

There are many reasons to opt for a tree tattoo, ranging from cultural values to a preferred aesthetic. In Christianity the tree of life is mentioned frequently, with the tree of Egyptian mythology signifying the beginning and end of one’s life. Buddhists and Celts both regarded trees as higher entities, and in many communities around the world the tree is a place of gathering and celebration.

Whether any of the above applies to your own chosen tattoo or you simply wish to honor your own unique tree design, the inspiration from which your tree tattoo takes root knows no limits.

From intricate black & white naturalist drawings to abstract modern designs, your tree tattoo represents your own origins and values. There may be a beating heart nestled in the roots of your inked oak, or a poetic verse intertwined in the swaying arms of the weeping willow; perhaps there is music, or a flock of ascending birds.

Just as no two men are alike, every tree holds a significant meaning for its wearer. One thing is certain: the roots of your tree tattoo are anything but skin-deep.

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