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60 Daruma Doll Tattoos For Men

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A Daruma doll is a round, hollow Japanese doll that is a traditional talisman for good luck. Japanese tattoos are increasingly popular and we can see why! They are bold, unique, beautiful and bear a whole lot of symbolism.

In Japanese culture, the Daruma doll is a symbol of perseverance, good luck and is used as a gift of encouragement.

They are also known as “wishing dolls” and are meant to help keep people focused on achieving their goals.

As far as looks go, they are unique to the eye; surreal almost. On the face, one eye signifies your commitment and the other is a way of saying “thank you” to the Daruma doll itself for its help. There are also many color options to fit your desires! The different colors of the dolls represent different things: red is for good luck or fortune, purple is for health and longevity, yellow is for security or protection, gold is for wealth and prosperity, and the color white is for love and harmony.

If you’re contemplating a tattoo that is both unique and symbolic, the Daruma doll fits the bill. Not only will it look awesome, as most Japanese style tattoos do, but it can represent a part of you that you’re really craving to display. We typically get tattoos to either tell a story, or to represent a piece of ourselves.

The Daruma doll can achieve both those criteria while still being a remarkable-looking showstopper!

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