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60 Death Star Tattoos For Men

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The Death Star is so much more than a movie prop. It’s the avatar of the adventure that started it all, the beginning of the franchise that awakened millions of hearts and minds across the world.

As a tattoo, it’s an unmistakable mark of a true believer in the ever-expanding Star Wars universe.

When artist Colin Cantwell designed the original Death Star, the seam down the middle was an accident. But director George Lucas liked it, and now that central trench is as iconic as the Death Star’s circular crater. The Death Star is a beacon on futurism. It’s a testament to boldness and creative design.

Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Chewbacca bonded when they worked together to escape from the Death Star. The spherical space station symbolizes not only the power of the Galactic Empire but the scrappy strength of the Rebel Alliance. Star Wars devotees will never forget Han Solo saying “That’s no moon!” and the rush of the ensuing heist and battle. It’s an epic saga worthy of being inscribed in ink on your skin.

The Death Star makes an excellent tattoo because it is recognizable as a minimalist shape, yet also formidable as a hyper-realistic etching. The tattoo shows that you’re not afraid to flex your nerd muscles, but more importantly, you haven’t lost your childlike sense of wonder.

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