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60 Enso Tattoos For Men

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Simplicity is a theme heavily taught in Japanese culture, and it has leaked over into the rest of the world. Many people are starting to understand just how powerful something like the Enso symbol can be.

The Enso symbol is not a Japanese character but more of a simple piece of artwork that anyone can make.

The almost completed circle shows there is emptiness both within and outside the circle. The symbol also shows the vastness of the universe and its ultimate power.

Buddhism takes this symbol very seriously, too. It is regarded as a sacred symbol in Zen schools. The circle represents the ultimate void or nothingness, which is the most perfect state of meditation as well as Satori. Satori means total enlightenment.

One of the coolest aspects of the Enso is that some of the Zen elders believe that a true Enso circle can only be drawn by someone whose spiritually and mentally whole. Some students practice drawing the Enso every single day.

Zen elders also believe that your character is fully exposed by how you draw the Enso. What will yours say about your character?

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