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60 Geometric Lion Tattoos For Men

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What do you get when you combine an ancient mathematical theorem with a timeless symbol of strength, pride, and loyalty? The answer: a tattoo calling card that won’t soon be forgotten.

Whether you are looking to celebrate your astrological sign of Leo in a more sophisticated rendering, or drawn to the ruler of the animal kingdom, the geometric lion is nothing short of a work of art.

Universally revered since the dawn of royalty, the lion represents all that the greatest men aspire to be: fiercely loyal to and protective of their loved ones, unflinchingly brave, and able to command a crowd with a mere flick of its tail–or in your case, finger. Featured everywhere from medieval coats of arms to ancient Babylonian temples, the lion leaves a powerful impression that time and circumstance cannot erode.

The geometric style is gorgeously suited to the lion’s likeness, and should be worn where the outside world won’t miss it. The forearm, shoulder, or over the heart is where the lion belongs, in bold black ink or equally earthy hues. This is a tattoo for the natural leader in every man, moving with purpose through the world but whose deafening roar can be heard far beyond it.

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