Tattoos For Men: 60 Gnome Tattoos For Men

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60 Gnome Tattoos For Men

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Figure of folklore, garden implement, or clever travel marketing tool?

Whichever aspect of the gnome you’ve chosen to embrace, there’s no denying the cheerful irreverence that follows this legendary little fellow.

Embodying all the aspects of an idyllic life off the grid, enviably free and not a care in the world, it’s no small wonder (and no pun intended) that the gnome has made his way into a variety of modern ephemera, including tattoos.

From the iconic Roaming Gnome to his 80’s cartoon counterpart David, there is no gnome tattoo that isn’t sure to bring a smile to one’s face and impart a bit of the better life to his wearer. With the gnome’s infectious blend of primary colors and winsome expressions, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more welcoming symbol to greet the day with. The gnome is a figure of simple pleasures and fuss-free leisure, and the man who embraces his likeness surely follows suit. Life is too short, with too many delights yet to be savored, to get embroiled in pointless disputes and petty concerns.

Earthy and colorful, with a mischievous wink accompanied by a nonetheless sincere grin, the gnome tattoo is nothing short of a totem for the man about town–and world at large. A reminder to take it slow and take absolute joy in one’s follies, the gnome tattoo keeps life on the lighter side and thus, infinitely more agreeable.

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