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60 Jordan Tattoos For Men

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Those who had the chance to see Michael Jordan play in his prime saw a basketball god. It was almost as if Jordan had wings that helped him make spectacular dunks.

This man’s talent has been cemented in history books, which explains the reason why so many gravitate to Jordan tattoos.

The Michael Jordan tattoo comes in many forms, such as his jersey number 23, image, or even his amazing dunks. The type of tattoo is up to the wearer, but the message one sends to the world matters.

For one, Jordan symbolizes true perseverance. Jordan had a lot of naysayers when he was young, because he was not the best player. He persevered and continued training. The tattoo could also symbolize seamless talent, meaning that the man with this tattoo is not satisfied until he is the very best at what he does.

The point is that this tattoo should be considered the epitome of true manhood, superiority, and natural talent. Not many tattoos are this epic.

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