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60 Krampus Tattoos For Men

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For those looking for body art that gives a nod to their dark side, a Krampus tattoo is a great choice.

Krampus is known in folklore as being the dark companion to Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas (also called Santa Claus) would bring gifts to good children, while Krampus would punish children who misbehaved.

Even someone unfamiliar with the legend can appreciate the formidable figure of Krampus in body art – a Krampus tattoo shows a half-human, half-demon with a sharp tongue and horns on his head. Krampus also frequently has a mixture of hands and hooves. For men who are looking for larger, imposing tattoos, a tattoo of Krampus can make an unforgettable back piece. This mythical figure is distinctive enough that even a small Krampus tattoo can make a lasting impression.

Because Krampus has been illustrated in a variety of different ways throughout history, there are infinite artist interpretations. Some may prefer this nightmarish figure to be rendered in black and shades of grey, while others may want their version of Krampus to be brightly colored. Some popular choices include a figure with an angry reddish face and a ghoulish-looking Krampus with green skin.

This tattoo is an excellent choice for men who want something from folklore but who still want some element of artistic choice in the way the figure is shown. A likeness of Krampus, while sometimes unsettling, is a sure way to make sure you aren’t forgotten.

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