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60 Latin Tattoos For Men

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Latin tattoos are incredibly popular for their simplicity and the air of ancient mystery about them. Men seeking Latin tattoos can choose from nearly endless style, placement and size options.

Many clients interested in Latin tattoos primarily want lettering to feature in their ink. A favorite phrase in a font of the client’s choosing always looks sharp, as long as the tattoo is placed by a skilled hand. Ink lovers should always choose an artist according to that artist’s skill at the specific style the client is seeking.

From bold block lettering to the simple elegance of a few words tattooed in a beautiful script, it’s simply a matter of taste and skillful application. Latin may be a dead language, but it makes a powerful impression as long as it is legible.

The beauty of lettering is it can be placed literally anywhere on the body. A Latin phrase looks equally badass across the chest, the back, on the inside of the forearm or along the ribs. Keep in mind, some spots are more sensitive than others when being tattooed, with the ribs and chest ranking high on the pain factor.

One popular phrase for a Latin tattoo is “tempus neminem manet,” which means “time waits for no one.” Another option is a phrase said to have been uttered by Julius Caesar himself as he led his army into battle: “Alea iacta est.” This phrase means, “the die is cast.”

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