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60 Onion Tattoos For Men

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People are like onions, the old saying goes: each of us contains layer upon layer of complexity.

While that may not be a regular thought each time you find yourself chopping an onion, there’s no denying the more profound meanings associated with this culinary staple.

The very word onion comes from the Latin word “unio,” which means oneness. And if you’re a man who seeks unity in both life and in the kitchen, the onion tattoo may just be your fateful companion.

The onion’s mythological origins are seeped in the power of intense emotions. (Anyone who has ever blinked back tears while dicing an onion can second this.) Believed to unblock emotional passages and allow for catharsis through release, the onion was routinely used throughout the ancient and medieval times to ward off melancholic entities and likewise provide an offering for helpful ancestral spirits.

While none of this may apply to your affinity for the onion, knowing that your pantry favorite also packs a supernatural punch will make for even richer storytelling.

Your onion tattoo may very well speak of your famed culinary prowess, or represent a much-cherished memory from your childhood kitchen; perhaps you’re well aware of the onion’s magical properties. Regardless of its meaning, your onion tattoo will definitely bring about some powerful revelations.

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