Tattoos For Men: 60 Only God Can Judge Me Tattoos For Men

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60 Only God Can Judge Me Tattoos For Men

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While at first glance this popular biblical-turned-hip-hop quote can make one seem flippant or unwilling to be held accountable for their earthly actions, the deeper meaning is quite simple: judge not, lest thou be judged in return.

Every day we cast our judgement on others, often those whom we know little to nothing about.

We judge them based on our own standards of success, decency, value, and good and evil. We judge without knowing, a sin unto itself, and the one who chooses to tattoo “Only God Can Judge Me” onto his skin holds himself accountable to a higher power, and conducts himself accordingly.

Many choose to tattoo this phrase over their heart or along their shoulders in a kind of winglike fashion, mimicking the angels that carry such messages to mortals. Your tattoo artist will offer possible designs, as well as invite you to contribute your own personal interpretations. Perhaps you wish this message to be inked in unmistakable bold lettering, or conversely hidden in an inconspicuous nook that only your closest ones can view?

Regardless of how you choose to wear this sacred and often misunderstood message, none but God can judge your decision.

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