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60 Quarter Sized Tattoos For Men

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“Go big or go home” needn’t apply in the tattoo world, and some of the most memorable designs are no bigger than the size of a quarter coin.

The beauty of true tattoo talent is that it can convey the most expansive messages in the most subtle, and often restricted, of spaces.

Many who work in professional environments, or likewise prefer a more understated tattoo style, opt for smaller size tattoos consisting of personal symbols and portraiture. Depictions of loved ones, tribal symbols, lucky tokens, and fan-powered logos are all popular choices for quarter size tattoo art. Some opt for outlines of their home states or countries, while others prefer the detailed minutiae of plants and animals, nautical adages, and tribal symbolism. And of course, the most wonderful quarter size tattoo of all is the single band around the wedding finger.

Imagine the surprise of those who assume you are void of tattoos glimpsing a now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t creation, so small they almost wonder if they dreamed it up. Just as the best things in life are often the most overlooked, small tattoo pieces are meant to be admired by those who appreciate details over dramatic gestures.

They are worn by men who don’t need to make flashy declarations to get their point across, but leave a lasting impression all the same.

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