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60 Simpsons Tattoos For Men

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Poised to hit its 30th season and still going strong, The Simpsons is a certified mainstay in American culture.

Who among us can’t honestly confess to having grown up with Springfield’s most famous family, following their endless–and endlessly entertaining–misadventures and self discoveries along the way.

From maniacal problem child Bart to hapless Homer, there is no shortage of Simpsons characters in which to relate and celebrate.

Perhaps you too were a Milhouse growing up, shy and smart and perpetually at the mercy of your fraying nerves; may Lisa is your fierce little beacon of strength, knowledge, and kindness in a world seemingly hellbent on squashing all three. Is it possible that you work for a Mr. Burns of your own, and would love to make an inked mockery of him? Even the simple but universally recognized pink frosted donut–Homer’s favorite–speaks volumes of your fandom, with no further explanation needed.

The beauty of The Simpsons was the relatability of each and every character, no matter how far-flung or extreme in nature. From Sideshow Bob to Krusty the Clown, even the most “out there” Simpsons character is well within the realm of familiarity. And that is truly the stuff of tattoo legend.

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