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60 Valkyrie Tattoos For Men

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The ancient Norsemen did not shy away from equally formidable women, but feared and revered them on the battlefield of both life and death.

Among the mythological Norse superstars, nothing stands out so boldly as the valkyrie, whose names means “chooser of the slain.”

The Valkyrie is with the warrior throughout his life, accompanying him to war and, once fallen, to the halls of Valhalla to feast and prepare for Ragnarok. She is beautiful but far from delicate, loyal but discerning, and not just any man is worthy of her selective reverence.

Similarly, a valkyrie tattoo carries a powerful message to those who look upon it: that the man who wears it has a formidable ally, and is destined for great things in both the waking world and the next. Just as the Vikings sought glory in fighting life’s literal and figurative battles, so too did they look to the Valkyrie for their ultimate reward.

The poetic beauty of a valkyrie tattoo is that she need not fit one formula or “look,” but can appear as the wearer himself would dream of such a battlefield angel. Pale or dark, thin or voluptuous, riding on her chariot or brandishing a single spear, the valkyrie is any and every woman who seeks out the true warrior, and stands as his equal for all eternity.

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