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70 Aquarius Tattoos For Men

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Astrological awesomeness is just around the corner with an extraordinary Aquarius tattoo. This airy sign is attributed to lofty expressions of sharp wit alongside an original personality.

Aquarius ink is the distinct domain of men born between late January and early February; however, it may also be applied by those with the sign as an ascendant, moon or cusp.

Because metaphysical minds refer to the current times as the Age of Aquarius, anyone can revel in the sign’s mighty symbology.

Aquarians are noted for their intense intuition alongside humble humanitarian impulses. As a result, their selfless demeanor is a natural fit for aficionados of understated body art. The simplest approach to an Aquarius masterpiece is the combination of two zigzagging lines that are perfectly paralleled. This little logo smoothly encapsulates the stalwart background that is associated with the 11th sign.

Air is the element attached to Aquarius, but oceanic imprints are often used instead. For an added layer of complexity, both the wind and the waves can be included in your output. Astute followers of their horoscopes will also utilize the sign’s planetary ruler, which is Uranus. The constellation of Ganymede is an equally potent connotation to feature.

Check out the ostentatious amazement that comes with an Aquarius tattoo by perusing our aesthetic anthology of wonderful options up ahead.

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