Tattoos For Men: 70 Astronomy Tattoos For Men

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70 Astronomy Tattoos For Men

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Intergalactic grandeur can be yours to behold with a timeless astronomy tattoo. You will leave every room completely starry eyed with this astronomical approach to body art.

Astronomy tattoos are capable of putting an entire nebula within your reach.

These masculine pursuits are handily winning the entire body art game. There are thousands of angles to utilize when designing your own space-age emblem, and you can pull all of them off with seasoned ease.

Constellations are a major prerogative for those who desire a classy astronomy tattoo. The Big Dipper is a notably common theme in this arena, but it is far from the only choice. To tie in horoscopes, each astrological sign has its own star cluster that can be replicated smoothly. Because these arrangements are basically a mixture of dots and lines, they are unprecedentedly easy to acquire from a skilled tattoo artist.

The moon is another source of striking astronomy ink, especially since it has several stages that can be summarized gorgeously. Lunar eclipses are also bound to be triumphantly trendy. Solar elements are equally compelling from a bystander’s point of view.

Of course, all eight planets are striking selections as well. They can be shown collectively or independently. Enjoy our catalog to see some universal brilliance. Don’t worry; we didn’t forget Pluto!

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