Tattoos For Men: 70 Japanese Tiger Tattoos For Men

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70 Japanese Tiger Tattoos For Men

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In Japan, the tiger represents courage, longevity and strength. While they may appear ferocious, the animals are thought to ward off bad luck, evil and illness.

They might also symbolize the North and their colors depict autumn. Japanese tigers commonly flow naturally and possess bright colors.

Tiger tattoos might feature the head alone, elongated full bodies or multiple animals. Full-bodied images represent the animal lying, standing, walking, prowling or pouncing. They may appear serene or snarling. While the image of a tiger remains impressive on its own, some tiger tattoos include water features or tropical foliage.

Realistic black work designs are often complimented with stunning brightly-colored eyes. The techniques used to create the image range from simple bold, black outlines or cartoon-like depictions to watercolor-like paintings or photograph quality portraits. Modern artistic versions are sometimes created using geometric patterns in greyscale or multi-colored displays.

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