Tattoos For Men: 70 Lion Chest Tattoos For Men

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70 Lion Chest Tattoos For Men

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When considering a tattoo design to represent the embodiment of power, confidence, and courage, nothing comes close to the symbol of strength that the lion represents.

Legends and mythology from around the world have portrayed lions as kings throughout history, placing this fierce animal in a category of royalty, symbolizing the highest level of authority.

As with the symbolism of the lion itself, the zodiac sign, Leo, or The Lion, emphasizes characteristics of leadership, loyalty, passion, and confidence in the individuals possessing this star sign, which is ruled by the sun.

Considering how far back lion folklore dates, it’s no surprise that the lion tattoo is one of the oldest tattoo designs, possessing a rich history of innovation and creativity. The evolution of the lion tattoo and the diverse meanings that each design represents is fascinating as well as educational.

The chest piece takes the lion design a step further in promoting the symbolism of strength and leadership. Hailed as the king of the jungle, the lion resides in no better place than on the chest of a man, showcasing the intricate beauty of this ferocious creature.

If you’re considering adding a piece of ink to your body that portrays the masculinity and courage that you feel, a lion chest piece may be the perfect fit.

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