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70 Scorpio Tattoos For Men

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Used since ancient times as the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, the signature Scorpio scorpion has been one of the hottest trends in tattooing for decades.

Whether hyper-realistic or done in an illustrative style, tattoos depicting scorpions are an incredibly diverse lot.

Because these segmented creatures have an incredibly complex anatomy, only the most skilled tattoo artists can truly capture the beauty and drama of scorpion designs. By focusing on designs of this caliber, both the artist and the client being tattooed represent a new era of getting inked.

Gone are the days when poorly applied stick and pokes garnered played in the same field as lovingly crafted works of art. The next era of tattooing is all about style, and talented artists creating designs worthy of the men who wear them.

Scorpion designs are complex and beautiful, but the symbolism behind them belies a tough exterior. These intricate designs are most commonly approached using constellation designs, but there are countless other methods available for applying a scorpion tattoo. Some artists take great care so that each segment has its own unique appearance.

Additionally, because scorpions look excellent from any angle, there are a variety of placement options to best suit a man’s individual physique.

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