Tattoos For Men: 70 Wolf Skull Tattoos For Men

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70 Wolf Skull Tattoos For Men

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Each culture contains deep rooted opinions of these creatures. Some believe that they are vicious and to be avoided at all costs while others find them quite majestic as they stalkingly protect the evening.

Additionally, some cultures have long affiliated wolves with the devil, which does not necessarily provide them with a great reputation

Alas, most can agree that these creatures serve some sort of purpose and that their strength and sheer beauty are hard to disprove. As a result, wolf tattoos have been popular since pre-Columbian times, specifically among Native Americans. Today, people seek wolf tattoos for a multitude of reasons, most of which circulate their meanings.

Guidance, fertility, loyalty, intelligence, compassion, and strength are a few meanings behind these captivating tattoos. Power, communication, and luck are also commonly associated with these creatures and the tattoos that render them. Many depictions of wolf tattoos exist as well, including the ever popular wolf skull.

A skull is always associated with death and immortality. The wolf often coincides with the afterlife, too. Ancient cultures, including that of Egypt, has many drawings in which the wolf was present alongside a skull. In fact, the Egyptian God of Death, Anubis, often was seen with the head of a wolf. Said to act as a guide to the afterlife, the wolf skull tattoo represents guidance and the realization that all good things must come to an end, including life itself.

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