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75 AR15 Tattoos For Men

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The deceptively lightweight AR-15 is an heir to the Colt AR-15 and, according to the New York Times, among the “most beloved and most vilified rifles.”

Conversely called “America’s rifle” by the rifle association, the AR-15 has earned its place among firearm collectors and users alike, the AR-15’s complicated history has not deterred tattoo enthusiasts from honoring it on the skin.

The AR-15 tattoo boasts a look and message that won’t easily be forgotten. Vilified though it may be, this is a firearm that can still be appreciated by those who understand its power and worth.

The real man who wears the AR-15 likeness scorns those who would wield it like a toy, and abhors the popularity surrounding its notoriety. You don’t wear the AR-15 as a means to frighten innocents or show off what you don’t have the right to boast about; no, you take this and its predecessor seriously, and treat it as a working icon intended only for the pros.

Firearm tattoos will always carry a degree of that aforementioned notoriety, and it’s up to you to prove the skeptics wrong. You know exactly what you hold in your hands and how to use it, and you’ve earned the right to celebrate that proficiency in permanent ink, for all to see. You grew out of toy guns a long time ago, and understand the power that accompanies the real thing.

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