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75 Aries Tattoos For Men

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To maximize your horoscope’s brilliance, all it takes is an austere Aries tattoo. This forceful sign provides immense magnetism and extreme masculinity to any man’s inking landscape.

As the first sign contained by the Zodiac, Aries has a forceful reputation for manliness.

Impetuosity is its trademark, so it makes sense that this realm of astrology is represented by the ram. Even its streamlined V-shaped logo is intended to showcase the creature’s rigorous horns. Animalistic inspiration is shrewdly derived from the mammal’s presence, and the aggressive wildlife makes welcomed appearances in tons of Aries insignias.

Mars is the planet that controls Aries, and the red planet is a regal addition to any astrological tattoo featuring this sign. For a stellar stargazing perspective, you can also flaunt the constellation of the same name. The Roman god of war is also tied to this sign, so this destructive figure of ancient mythology can make a deadly cameo in your illustration.

Aries is proclaimed to be a fire sign, so the incorporation of burning symbols is another wise route to follow. Take the world by storm by donning one of the following Aries tattoos. Supreme machismo is waiting for you in this crafty catalog.

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