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Tattoos For Men

75 Sweet Tattoos For Men

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Who doesn’t want a sweet tattoo? The modern world is calling on men to express themselves more and more. How’s a guy supposed to do that? It’s simple: get a tattoo!

It’s something men have always done, but it’s taking on new levels of recognition, as the world at large is starting to wake up and recognize just how much meaning and individual expression there is to be found in a truly sweet tattoo.

Men have expressed the things that are important to them through tattoos for thousands of years. Winston Churchill had a tattoo. Teddy Roosevelt had a tattoo. Outside of modern trends about what to get, and where to put it, the practice of expressing personal achievements through tattoos goes back as far as cave painting.

Ancient Celtic warriors in France and Ireland showed their religious status and combat prowess through special tattoos. Utzi, the 5000 year old iceman found frozen in the Swiss alps, was tattooed. There’s even evidence that neanderthals tattooed their skin hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Check out our gallery below, and take a look at some of the most awesome tattoos around, designed specifically for men. A tattoo can be copied, or tweaked a little bit, without losing any of its meaning. It is the act of having something inscribed on one’s skin forever that really gives it the full extent of its meaning; it’s a message, conveying the strength and self-reliance of its bearer.

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