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80 Chucky Tattoos For Men

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For some of us, children are downright terrifying. And for half that percentage, we can blame Chucky.

The demonic doll of the phenomenally successful horror franchise, Chucky has since come to represent our greatest fears in urban legend form, and anyone who has ever gotten the heebie-jeebies from a particularly creeping looking doll found more than enough nightmare fodder in the red haired hellion.

A Chucky tattoo is first and foremost a nod to the horror genre at large, and the iconic contributions of the 80’s. Chucky was a scary movie right of passage for some, the first introduction to the world of gore, and we all know there’s no turning back from there. Your Chucky tattoo is both a loyal fan nod and unabashed smirk at those who scare easy and want nothing to do with the realm of terror.

Inked in his trademark overalls and wild crop of orange hair, sadistic grin distorting his freckled face, your Chucky tattoo is destined for peals of gleeful laughter or screams of terror–neither a bad reaction when you come to think of it. You can even add Chucky’s bride if you’re feeling particularly amorous, and include one of his many catchphrases besides.

Chucky is one of many old school horror icons who still make us jump from our seats with each appearance. That’s a powerful legacy to leave, and all the more reason to commit some of that pop culture creepiness to your (unbludgeoned) flesh.

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