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90 Big Tattoos For Men

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“Go big or go home” quite literally applies to the man who opts not for a small, innocuous tattoo but a full-body armor of ink.

If tattoos typically tell one’s life story in fragments and stand-alone symbols, why not ink it in epic proportions?

There are a number of full arm, leg, chest, and back tattoo designs that paint an unforgettable image. From intricate tribal emblems to geometric schemes, large-scale imagery to sprawling cinematic scenes, there is truly no shortage of inspiration. The question is, how bold are you as the scribe of your own moving history? Are you willing to tell your tale with confidence and zero apologies, using the canvas of your body and tattoo artist’s needle as your weapons of choice?

A tattoo of monumental proportions may not be for the physically faint of heart and socially self-conscious, but for the men who dare to dream big there is no greater impression to make.

Whether you wish to capture a moment that can only be revealed in wide scale, or believe there is a greater pattern to be worn beyond mere skin, a full tattoo turns man into walking art, and lets the world know he holds nothing back.

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