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Tattoos For Men

90 Face Tattoos For Men

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Face tattoos are the finest frontier in modern ink culture, and the trend is constantly being elevated to new levels of slick machismo. There are literally no limits when it comes to sporting facial firepower!

By acquiring a face tattoo, any man can gain membership to today’s prestigious club of body art masters.

These eye-catching insignias will instantly craft an elite reputation that will be noticed by everyone.

Subtlety is often a cornerstone of face tattoos, but the focus on disguised imagery is being eschewed in favor of bombastic decadence. A full-on display will always win against a minor logo.

Names are a recurring foundation for facial ink, but tribal imprints are definitely taking over as the most popular concept. In essence, many of these designs are direct tributes to the likes of Mike Tyson.

In the past, these iterations of body art were once considered taboo; thankfully, the societal fondness of face tattoos has finally ripened, so they are privy to full-on acceptance in most social circles.

There is nothing sexier than a classic emblazonment on the face, so enjoy this stunning ensemble of face tattoos to directly realize the shrewdness that is engendered by this type of visionary pursuit.

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