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90 Hamsa Tattoos For Men

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The hamsa is an ancient symbol of an eye superimposed on a hand. It represents protection against the evil eye.

Many ancient cultures, from the Greeks and Romans through to the folk beliefs of the Middle Ages, believed that it was possible for certain evil people to place curses on others just by looking at them.

This was called the evil eye. Folk beliefs arose regarding ways to protect yourself from the evil eye. This idea began in the form of hand gestures that were meant to ward off the evil eye, but that has since evolved to symbols like the hamsa.

The hamsa also represents the all-seeing eye, another ancient symbol of power and war that indicates knowledge and supremacy. That means the hamsa is an excellent choice for men today. Whether you are more drawn to the folklore element or the dominance element, the hamsa has been a powerful symbol for millennia.

Wearing it as a tattoo shows that you have the knowledge of and interest in ancient cultures that informs what you value today. It’s a masculine sign of strength and intelligence.

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