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Awesome Phoenix Tattoos for Men

– Why Phoenix Tattoos are so Popular with Men

The Phoenix is a beautiful and colorful mythical bird which is popular in tattoo designs. While the colors are bold and beautiful, this is still a popular tattoo design for men. Women also like Phoenix tattoo designs, and they are among the most commonly-asked for designs at tattoo studios. This type of tattoo is popular with men for several reasons. For one thing, it is bright and colorful, so it is really going to stand out. Men who love large tattoos can turn a Phoenix into a full back piece, and it will look incredible. It is also a tattoo that can have a very deep meaning for many people, and everyone’s interpretation will be different.

The Myth of the Phoenix

The Phoenix is a mythological creature that holds a great deal of symbolism throughout history. According to legend, this bird is native to the Middle East and can live for hundreds of years. When the time comes for a Phoenix to die, it will go to its nest, and upon its death the nest will be filled with spices. As the bird’s body decays, a worm is born. This worm feeds, and feathers begin to grow. As the worm reaches full strength, it uses its parents’ bones and the nest to come back to its original full glory.

In Greek mythology, the Phoenix bursts into flames and is reborn of its own ashes. It is actually named for the Greek word for “red”, due to the association with flames. In Egyptian mythology, the Phoenix represents Ra, the Sun God because of its association with the resurrection of Christ. According to Jewish legend, the Phoenix was pious, and became fire to keep from eating the forbidden fruits. Three days after being consumed by fire, the bird rises from the ashes and is reborn. Ancient Romans had the Phoenix on their coins to represent longevity of the Roman Empire. Many other cultures have their own myths surrounding the Phoenix.

The Meaning of Phoenix Tattoos

Every part of the Phoenix’s body has a special meaning. For instance, the wings represent prosperity or wealth. The head is a representation of reliability. The body represents kindness. The Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and resurrection, or life and transformation. It is a symbol of putting the past behind you, of overcoming issues, and getting through the rough times in life. In other words, Phoenix tattoos for men are ideal designs.

Your Phoenix Tattoo

One of the great things about Phoenix tattoos for men is that you are only limited by your imagination. You can use just about any color palette, and the brighter the better. Traditionally, Phoenix tattoos were done in bright reds, oranges, and yellows, because these colors represent fire and the sun. Today, you can incorporate just about any color into your design, and it is going to look amazing. Popular colors you may want to add to your Phoenix tattoo include purple, blue, green, black, and even certain bright shades of pink. This is a tattoo design that looks great on any part of the body, including as a back piece, part of a sleeve, as a chest tattoo, etc. While Phoenix designs are common, you can come up with a design that makes this type of tattoo truly your own.

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