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Best Arm Tattoos for Men

– The Most Popular Types of Arm Tattoos for Men

If you are interested in getting a tattoo, but you don’t want something that is going to be seen all the time, an arm tattoo is an excellent option. Arm tattoos will only be seen by others if you want them to be seen. So, even if you are in a professional situation where appearances are everything, you can still enjoy wearing tattoos because they will be covered by shirt sleeves and jackets. A great thing about arm tattoos is that there are so many designs to choose from, and there is a lot of skin to work with.

Tribal Arm Bands

Tribal tattoos are always popular, and there is a lot you can incorporate into a tribal arm band. This is actually one of the most popular arm tattoos for men, for several reasons. First, you can be really creative when coming up with a design. You can choose to add to a traditional design, or come up with something that is totally unique to you. You can also incorporate other types of artwork into a tribal arm band to make it really interesting. Traditionally, these tattoos are located on the upper arm, but wrist bands are also growing in popularity.

Old School Tattoos

When it comes to popular arm tattoos for men, old school is the new thing. Many people are turning to old school tattoos, both because they look cool and because they are more traditional. Some tattoo artists even specialize in doing nothing but old school tattoos. Some of the most popular of these designs for arm tattoos, particularly on the lower part of the arms, include anchors, hearts with banners, and crosses.

Pinup Girls

Another popular design which is often seen on arm tattoos for men is the pinup girl. This is also very old school, and you can get pretty creative with the design. These designs look great on the forearm, and can be made to look like old-fashioned pinup girls or modern-day versions. This is a design style that will look great in color or in black and white.


You can never go wrong with an animal tattoo, and animal designs are perfect for arm tattoos. For example, if you have muscular upper arms, you can easily sport a larger tattoo of a lion, wolf, etc. Or, you may want to get really creative and use a mythological animal, such as a dragon, a serpent, or a Phoenix. Designs for men often incorporate larger, wild animals to represent mental and physical strength. Again, these tattoos will look great in color or black and white.

If you have never had a tattoo before, remember, they can be extremely addictive. Like potato chips, it is quite difficult to stop at just one. In fact, if you get one arm tattoo, you may find yourself incorporating that design into a full sleeve eventually. It is a good idea to start with one smaller tattoo, and then build on that design if you decide that you would like a half or a full sleeve.

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