Tattoos For Men: Half Sleeve Tattoos Ideas For Men – Video

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Half Sleeve Tattoos Ideas For Men – Video

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This is the second part of a two part article that explores some of the top themes and designs for Japanese half sleeve tattoos. In the first part we discussed why the Japanese tattoo designs are so popular here in the west and also some of the top designs for men. Luckily the designs are very versatile and these days many women are getting Japanese tattoo designs and full or half or even quarter sleeve tattoos. This article will look into some of the most popular designs for women.

Themes For Women

It is amazing there are so many great designs for women also. Now most women in Japan did not get tattoos and only a select few ever did this. However, much of the symbolism and meaning behind the classic or traditional Japanese tattoos are still important to women today.

Geisha – Of course spoken about above these were highly entertaining women trained in the most classical art forms of the Japanese. They could sing, dance, pour sake and entertain roomfuls of guests with their intelligent banter. They were incredibly beautiful yet became almost untouchably beautiful when their artistic and conversational abilities were combined. These women were often seen as mysterious, often powerful in social settings. These are often things can relate and hold important to even to this day.

The Lotus Flower – Of course the lotus flower is seen as a symbol of change and enlightenment. It is an incredible beautiful flower that did not start life that way. The beauty and symbolism behind lotus flower tattoos have lead many women to seek these designs out.

Cherry Blossom – Of course the cherry blossom is seen as representative of the shortness and delicate balance of life. Most Samurai thought of the cherry blossom as symbolic of life. It is short, delicate and can slip away at any time. Therefore they would remind themselves to live each day to the fullest. Stating each morning today is a good day to die. This was not so much a sick death wish as more an acceptance of the delicate nature of life. They also serve as a reminder to live each day to its full potential and not live in a scarred or worried state of mind.

Koi Fish – Thus one is actually pretty equally popular among men and women. The koi fish is seen as a symbol of power, strength and individuality. The myth about koi fish tells how they would swim upstream against the current to become released and turn into a dragon. These have for a long time been a symbol of going against the “mainstream” of culture and being original and different. Thus it is a very popular theme for both men and women.

As you can see there are so many different themes and designs that one can get. The Japanese half sleeve tattoo is a very versatile and deeply meaningful set of tattoo designs. If you are considering getting a Japanese tattoo design just make sure you work with a quality tattoo artist and only the best top quality design resources. It is so easy to find designs that have been done backwards or in mirror image and the writing and classic elements of design have been done incorrectly. This ruins the beauty and history of these great tattoo designs.


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