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How much do tattoos cost | India | TattooTalks (Hindi)

Yeah! I agree it’s a costly addiction tattoo are expensive and seriously I don’t take it has a downside because I save money the whole year and get it. So, it makes my tattoos even more special and valuable.

So, let me give you the pricing of a good tattoo parlour its 1000 rupees for first sq inch and 500 for every additional inch and if the tattoo is too complicated, that has many small details, shading and fine work price can go up significantly. Some very good artist have their rates too.

The most important thing to remember when going for a tattoo is price bargaining. It is considered bad in tattooing because tattoo is an artwork done by an artist it’s his talent and work so to respect them and their work a good customer never bargains but yeah you can politely ask for some discount once but never force them for a price cut if you cannot afford a tattoo go back save for the ink and then come back but never compromise on tattoo quality and design just because you cannot afford your design or idea that you had.

You can find many videos on youtube like a tattoo for INR 200, INR 500 and so on please don’t fall for these cheap shops. I have never inked in these shops as I can’t risk my tattoo and my health. These cheap tattoo parlours are not equipped with good tattoo machines which will make your tattooing experience much pain and also these shops are highly compromised in hygiene.
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