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The Best Back Tattoos for Men

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Why are tattoos so popular all of a sudden? My grandfather had tattoos which he got in his military days that were incredibly important to him. He was a boxer in the military and had a tattoo of his nickname and an old school boxer ready to fight just above it. Then my parents’ generation grew up without one person in my family getting inked. Now, it seems people are playing catch up with tattoos that go from head to toe in the most extreme cases.

Men have really taken to two types of tattoos in general; sleeves and large pieces on their backs. Sleeves are understandable for the most part, but why has the back become so popular? Women were tattooing their lower backs when getting inked started to get popular again, but more recently men have been creating amazing pieces of art covering their entire backs. Honestly, there isn’t a scientific reason behind this choice, but I think the facts are pretty self-evident. Your back is a giant canvas, and whatever art you wish to use is not limited by the curvatures of your arm, neck, shoulders or wrists. Instead, you have a fairly flat canvas to create the image you want, fully, in all its beauty.

Popular Ideas for Back Tattoos

If you are looking to get inked for the first time, start with something small – especially if there isn’t a special occasion for which the tattoo is being added to your body. Once you graduate up to a full back tattoo, you are investing a great deal of time and money and it should be something that means something to you.

Spine tattoos have become incredibly popular with simple circles going down the center of the back. The circles are different sizes, but essentially follow the spinal column. For bigger pieces, think of something that is important to you. I can say that when I got mine, I thought long and hard about how my child would one day view the tattoo. I got a simple yin-yang in a tribal style on my shoulder. I didn’t have a child at the time, but I wanted to know that she could view it without me having to cover up parts.

That is the key to a tattoo, especially one as big as a back tattoo. It needs to fit your lifestyle. I was looking to build a family, so I went for something that was simple. I plan to do more, but now they will have to do with my child, or my beliefs that will encourage conversation with her.

Large pieces of art, famous art from history, are often popular. Especially if that piece speaks to you in some way. Tribal tattoos have always been elegant, simple and according to most women, very sexy. The advantage of a tribal tattoo is that it can even create an image if you look at it in the right way, but it is not readily apparent. That is how mine is. Some people see the yin-yang immediately, others ask the story behind it.

That is the key, create something that allows you to tell a story. Some even put a story, written out, across their back. It can be a scripture, an important thought or quote or a creed you live by. Like all art, there is no limit to what you can have put on your back and no one article, person, or artist can tell you the one you should go with. Simply sit down and think about what it is you want the world to see when you show it and then look for inspiration online.

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