Tattoos For Men: Valkyrie sleeve – Part II – Tattoo Timelapse

Tattoos For Men

Valkyrie sleeve – Part II – Tattoo Timelapse

Actually it is 4th session. We started a shoulder first. But I think it’ll be more logical to show the forearm have done. And then to go to the shoulder tattooing.

15x speed up time lapse. 50fps (allows to watch any moment you interested in with 0.25 speed down quite normally). About six hours of working (This part. Whole sleeve took six sessions 4-5 hours each).
As usual I used my favourite coil machines. 3rl, 9m, 11rm needles. Kurosumi outline black and Eternal white/grey inks.

Like the video if you like it, dislike it if you don’t. Also, I appreciate your comments. Thank you for watching.

Valkyrie sleeve – Part I

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